Neighborly Services

Neighborly Licensed Florida Notary Public services

Available upon request.
Quick signature authentication.  Must provide evidence of identity, either US passport or valid Driver License.  Available outside of normal business hours. 
Nominal fee based on document, number of signatures, and location $5 – 10.
Note:  Most banks and credit union offer this service free of charge.

Grandpa's Lending Closet

We started this in 2022 when we became grandparents and experienced the need for common baby and
child items. Then we saw the same need among other retired friends wo needed an item for a
few days. Items are too costly to keep renting or buying!
Grandpa’s Lending Closets contains a small collection of essentials that are loaned, without charge, to friends when they have wee visitors.

What we currently have:

  • Graco Pack n Play. This is a portable playpen that folds for easy travel and storage which includes Pack n Play Accessories:
    Lift-out bassinet to raise the infant to bed height and a diaper changer
  • Baby Basics Booster with straps to harness to dining chair
  • Car Seat, infant
  • Car Seat, child
  •  Stroller – jogging style three wheels
  • Stroller
  •  Infant plastic bathtub

How it works – Have a need? Items are checked out on a first come, first-served basis. The borrower calls or emails
detailing which item and the dates needed. At an agreed upon day and time, the borrower
collects the item and signs the Loan Agreement. The Agreement remains with Grandpa’s Closet
until the item is returned.

Loan Agreement Form

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