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Our Favorite YouTube Country Dance Demonstrations

The Mishnock Barn

The Mishnock Barn is the best Country Western Dance Club in Rhode Island. Dan and Kelly Albro invite you for a Line Dancin', Two Steppin', Foot Stompin', Good Time. The Barn has 3 large floating dance floors. Dang near 3,000 square feet of foot stompin! hardwood floor. Wear comfortable shoes that allow you to move around freely on the wooden dance floors. Sneakers, Sandals, FlipFlops and very High Heels may make dancing difficult. Dan & Kelly Albro, dance instructors and choreographers have owned and operated the Mishnock Barn for 32 years. Their YouTube channel @mishnockbarn is loaded with instructional and demonstration videos, and step sheets, for dancers of every age and level. They travel internationally sharing their country line and partner dancing. Despite their tremendous success and hectic schedule they are remarkably approachable and willing to assist you with your event.

Joe & Maria Urbanic live and play in The Villages, Florida. One of our favorite couples and very patient instructors. They offer a myriad of instruction both free and fee based to meet every need or budget.
They operate Country Partner Dancers, a Club with free dance classes and a monthly social for residents of The Villages.
They offer three levels of instruction through The Enrichment Academy that are open to Village and Non-Village residents for a fee.
Country Pattern Partner Dance Classes
Beginner to learn the basic dance steps, and introduction to patterns
Improver to continue their education, more patterns, more dances
Improver Plus, for those ready for more challenging patterns and moves
Their YouTube channel @mariaurbanic includes both teaching videos and demonstrations.
They even customize their services to bring a dance workshop, lesson, or dance social to you as a feature of your event.


The primary purpose of my Slydale1 channel is to post videos of country couples dance demonstrations by Jack & Vi Hassett of Florida. Jack & Vi are outstanding country couples dance teachers. They make it fun and very non-threatening, so even the most basic beginners are at home in their classes.

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